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Harlequinn with birds
'Harlequinn with birds'
Painting on paper / 22" x 30" / in the collection of the artist. "Canaries flew freely in my atelier. First they were two then more and eggs everywhere. I was hoping to wake up in the mornings to beautiful melodies. I found out they would sing only if they were apart from each other!"

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Sami looked to his imagination for inspiration and often drew upon experiences from his travels and his work with paint on paper certainly is an excellent example of that. Bright, vivid colours with images that virtually leap out of the medium are his trade mark. These highly contemporary pieces retain the fresh childlike expression of life that perhaps we have lost in our seemingly complex adult years. Sami brings it back for us to enjoy again!

The samples shown at the left represent a very tiny cross-section of Sami's vast work.

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